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Chairman’s Message

Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

Intertec Group has been able to commercially excel in diverse business activities since its establishment in 1993. This has been possible only because we have focused on our mission of pleasing our partners, providing value for money to our customers and pride for our employees.

We have been able to successfully face all the challenges we encountered only due to our commitment to quality and integrity. We shall continue to uphold these core values as we take on new challenges and explore fresh opportunities. We are really proud of our principals, customers, employees and associates.


We will continue to expand our existing operations and make full use of all the opportunities that comes our way. We will strive to grow as one of the best companies in the region within the next five years. We are committed to be a part of the Qatar’s National Vision 2030 and will strive to be a pioneer in our own way to contribute to the success of this Vision.

We look forward to forging new business relationships and improving existing ones so that together we can serve the community and contribute towards the progress and prosperity of the State of Qatar.


Khalifa A.T. Al-Subaey
Chairman – Intertec Group