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As technology takes over the world, choose Intertec to stay ahead of the times. We help you pick out the best- in quality and value.

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Creative interventions transform empty spaces into abodes of lasting happiness. Your journey of designing and sculpturing lifestyle-changing interiors can start with us.

Life is Sustenance, not Survival

Good food channels great relationships. The people of Qatar deserve the best, and we ensure that the food they eat is as wholesome as it gets. 

Collaborate & Cooperate

Growth cannot be a selfish goal- let everyone benefit.

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Quality of our products speaks louder than a thousand words.

Looking to the Future

When you set your mind on success, the sky’s the limit.

Intertec- Growth, Unrestricted

We Build Successful Partnerships

Since 1993, Intertec has grown into a huge family- of employees, partners and clients. With more than 300 employees from 17 nations, we are a microcosm of the great cosmopolitan country that has nurtured us. Through three decades of evolution and adaptation, one thing remains forever unchanged- our commitment to deliver only the best.

Building Infrastructure Of The Knowledge Age

Involves creating a comprehensive framework to support the acquisition, processing, and dissemination of information in our technologically advanced era.


Through partnerships with leading brands and dealings in everything from mobile phones, laptops and tablets to wearables and freebuds, trading is our biggest segment. Our direct stores and user-friendly website facilitate access to high-quality products. Know More


Every building is someone’s dream. Our job is to make that dream as beautiful and complete as possible. Intertec’s team of architects, supervisors and labourers are adept at achieving the best and latest trends in the world of interior design. Know More

Bludan Trading

For four decades, Bludan Trading has been proudly feeding the residents of Qatar, focusing on the import of high-quality essentials such as sugar, rice and edible oil. We have kept up this commitment of quality throughout the Covid-19 pandemic as well. Know More


This chain of multi-brand stores caters to independent retailers, mainly in the brands HONOR and POCO. Recently, Tradetec expanded beyond the physical and into the virtual world through the launch of its eCommerce website Know More


Celltec is the sole distributor of VIVO products in Qatar. Established in 2019, we have used extensive marketing techniques and modern technologies to inculcate a customer-centric approach in the ever-transforming gadget industry. Know More

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